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Inconvenient truths are all around us. This term applies to so much more than just global warming. Pollution, waste, money in politics, working conditions, income inequality — we always tend to give more weight to the inconvenience of dealing with a problem than the thinking and acting needed to confront the problem head on.

Comfortable humans are loath to change their comfortable lifestyles. We are all so unwilling to challenge our familiar and accepted habits, our ways of thinking and acting, even when we know in the back of our minds the true consequences of our seemingly simple choices. It’s inconvenient to change our ways, so we simply ignore the reality of the situation around us, much to the detriment of ourselves, our fellow human beings, and our one and only planet.

Fuck apathy. Fuck you and fuck me for filing away inconvenient truths in some dark corner of our busy minds. Yeah, it might seem like there’s too much shit going on to really make a difference — It’s so easy to think that — but please just pick something, even just one thing, to work on each day of your life. I will no longer ignore X. I will take small steps in my life to help fix Y. One thing is better than nothing, and small steps will take you across entire continents if you walk long enough.


43-year-old Staten Island resident ERIC GARNER, as a New York City police officer wrapped his arm around his neck and other officers knocked him to the sidewalk, one pushing his head violently into the concrete.  

Garner died at the scene; seconds before, he complained as the officers tried to arrest him for “breaking up a fight,” according to eyewitnesses.

God damn it.

(via the New York Daily News)

(Source: inothernews)